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Hello everyone, now I'll tell you how my husband and I cured parasites and bad breath!

Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

When it comes to killing parasites, external or internal, food-grade DE is a remedy that does not go wrong. Diatomaceous Earth is a natural way to get rid of worms infesting your body. But make sure to get only the food-grade type.

Taking DE is simple too. Adults may start from 1 teaspoon a day and increase their intake over time, eventually taking 1 to 2 tablespoons every day in a glass of water (8 ounces). Drink another glass of water after you have consumed the DE solution. It usually takes around 1 week to kill the parasites in your body when consuming DE, but consume it for another week to ensure complete removal of intestinal parasites.

What DE does is it makes the parasites feeding in your body to dehydrate. When the parasites come in contact with DE, it acts as toxin to them and they try to dig in even deeper into your intestine.  The process may take about 2 weeks to complete, and there is a chance that you may feel weak and fatigued during the cleansing process, but don’t lose hope. It all happens so that ultimately you can have a healthy body.

Consume plenty of water during the days you intake DE so as not to leave your body dehydrated and that parasites are regularly flushed out of your body.

Papaya seeds 

According to Maryland Medical Center and Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical medicine, papaya seeds have natural anti-parasite compounds.

A recent study showed that people who were taking honey together with papaya seeds, cleared their stool of parasites in 23 out of 30 cases. The seeds have a distinct, slightly peppery flavor.

Papaya seeds can be eaten as they are, or you can sprinkle them over salads and other dishes, just as you would use pumpkin seeds. Those who are not afraid of the spicy flavor, can try them in a smoothie. 

Pomegranate Bark

Pomegranate barks are usually something we don’t use. However, the bark, leaves, and stem of the tree have many anthelmintic properties. Pomegranate bark is also rich in punicine, an alkaloid that has been found to be highly toxic to intestinal parasites, especially

Author : Kim Lam

Kim is a board-certified Holistic Health Coach, Healthy Living and Cleanse Consultant, and studied under Drs. Andrew Weil and Walter Willet.